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My art is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, is giving a message. It is a chance to feel that we are connected and to express myself telling through my paintings the meanings that life has for me. The main focus in my art is to reflect the feelings of  women. The woman is the celebrity of my art, her geography, her inner secrets.

I also sing my love for Tango through my art. I explore the power of the Tango dance culture, the dancers passion, in my own way.

I live in Rosario, Santa Fe, República Argentina, 

Artista Plástica Rosarina
Licenciada Nacional en Artes Visuales. Egresada de la Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes, Facultad de Humanidades y Arte, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, UNR

Recuerdos de August Coppola - Memories

Esta es una de las primeras cartas de las mas de alrededor de trescientas que conservo de mi Mentor Dr. August Coppola ....

Mi recuerdo y agradecimiento en esta transcripción de sus palabras que ahora salen a la luz. 
(He eliminado algunos párrafos personales)

"Dear Patricia...thanks for your response.  I have many things to tell you, but first on your slide show there are two prints that I like, the woman sitting on the chair with the yellow sofa to her right, and then the woman sitting on the bed with a glass of wine.  I can't find these in your store, so let me know if they 
do exist.

Yes, Francis is there, making a film about Italian brothers, I wonder why.  But certainly it is our time for Argentina,as brothers, as I found you and really like and admire your work--very much a progression of poignant and fanciful observations that gave me the idea.

I am writing a book, called Archimedes' Bath, a Eureka by me of the very wonderful nature of woman, all written in aphorisms or vignette glimpses of my insights into women.  In a way, you do a similar thing, going from the childlike aspects of woman, then her fancy and self consciousness, to the more erotic and solid depth of a woman, her attractions and reflections, all part of her make up, with make-up making her up, in all the myriad ways you paint her.

So my idea is that publishers had wanted my observations to be the culminations of my story telling, so that people could understand where my insight or ideas or obsevations came from.  I didn't like that idea, as I was not writing a novel, and when I saw your wonderful work, I thought that your art could complement mine--almost like a stereo of words and images, man and woman, giving the reader, now also the viewer, some glimpses to ponder.

 ... I thinks our "stereo" can be exciting.  You may not agree with my observations about women, or I about yours, but  we 
do make up a  great set of insights , male and female, in a world in which, at least in America,  men are now boys, and women are suffering on the vine, without their true passion, or not responding to their own magical maturity, which is why consumer adverising deals only with the young adolescent girl rather than the rich depth of the full woman.

So we could do that together, complementing each other (aside from complimenting).  I could use your paintings that I discovered in your store and already bought.  Or we can do others  that might come from the book as a stimulus to you.  In any case, the book would be written by me, with art by Patrica, and of course, who you are and who I am. 

My own background is that I was the Dean of the College of Arts at San Francisco State University, as well has a member of one of the creative families in the US and world, Francis, my brother, Talia Shire of Rocky, my sister, and Nicolas Cage, my son.  This alone might create the interest of the public.

  And then you. celebrated , because  I would want the publishers to recognize you as my choice of a wonderful artist, and  instead of a Book of Hours, we would make a Book of Moments, for I think love only comes in moments, and while all watches are the same, hour and minute, but  between two people there are only the moments they share, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.....It is a different watch, a different time....

Of course I would let you read the work, in case you have other ideas, and I would show you the sequence I have of your paintings, that would go through the book with my 
aphorisms.  We will have two interesting  sequences, or as I said before, that stereo of a man and a woman who express the truth of soul and beauty and love in a society that disguises it all--with Hollywood I am afraid...

There, an idea, and now you respond.  (By the way, I read  your resume, and I also have my degrees in philosophy and art, as you can probably tell by this email.)

Waiting to hear from you.  ((And water is incompressible, as Archimedes found for his discovery of specific density, but the soul is expansive, and that is  how the world is created, and not simply made))"

Best,  August Coppola
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